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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poetic Sunday in Jogja

The Sunday private journey was begun in the main junction of Gajah Mada University. Unfussy trip as intention, no glory, no achievement plans...
Put my eyes on the society. Tried not to distract them. Yeah... all I got is A Poetic Sunday. Metaphor city.. symbolize their life on their own activities..

psTaken with Nikon FM2 + 50mm/1.8 MF
Tmax 400 + EI @ 325 + Dev. Ilfotec LC29 1+19 @ 20C 6.30 min
One of my colleague informed me that the women above is Bu Gina. Woman driver's assistant in the city. What a luck I could freeze her... Be strong!

Two street musicians were posing at me. Enlightened the day..

Shadow Play. The sunlight assisted me to disclose the shape of shadows. The immaterial essence that inherent with the objects. Nobody couldn't winnow it...

Grad Students of Linguistic Faculty of Gajah Mada Univ. arranged "A Poetic Day" which inspired met to continue the photo session with this theme. They motivated people to love poem by rolling out a sheet of fabric to be filled with their own poems.

UC..UC what IC...

Love in poems.. romantix ;)

Margined people.. I hope the sunbeams not intentionally out performed this boy...

Old man starring at the pole? relatively sure...

People & Graffiti. The features lend a hand to the society to explore their nature...

The rest are several random snapshots telling the truth of the city.. still with their own abandoned bustles..CHEERS!

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