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Monday, January 14, 2008

Sudirman street leisure walk

Took these on last long weekend in Sudirman street, the center business district in Jakarta. I'm wondering why the contrast are so awful..Some facts: 1. Expired TMAX (it's written the expired date is 2006), 2. Inappropriate developing time /process, 3. My canonet's lightmeter is broken (again!?)..Could you tell which one is the most right answer?!

This was my first shoot after 6 months abandoned my camera. I lost the feeling to use it. I experienced any difficulties to use focusing with rangefinder as well. On top of that, It's hard for me to explore a good photo. It's time to rejuvenate my skill. Oh my...

Oldschool shadow play...

The people were hiding from me, they run away..

Still run away..."How dare you showing your back to me"


A con planned a prison break....

One of the most crowded point in the working day..Bridging the BNI 46 and Setiabudi area..

The future artists of city mural..

I shot from my auntie's apartment to finish up my roll..Catchy lines..

The notorious BNI 46 building...

I am not ready for negative feedbacks on the comments don't... :)