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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Employee Gathering: Lido, Sukabumi

Few snapshots during the employee gathering in Lido, Sukabumi. One of the agenda is called "leisurely walk", seeing the surrounding life around the resort. Taken with Sony cybershot pocket camera, P200.

The event itself was totally fun, my team has appointed to organize this gathering. The day before, we had a free activity and I chose rafting. It's cool, I could splash the water to my bos..haha..Unfortunately, I don't have any "appropriate" picture when we did rafting.

I've no idea whether this man has something to do with the "gada-gada" (to show wind direction, anyone can advise me the correct word in English?). Lido Lake Resort owns a runway for light glider.

An old woman passed me. That's it..

A farmer. She's wondering what I did to her..


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