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Friday, July 18, 2008

City tour guide

Accompanied my friend, Joselito 2 months ago to find some new scenes *yes, I experienced a lag time to upload here* . I met him in 2001 and saw his face again after 5 years. We talked a lot about our life, how we progress and so on..

On that time, I really wanted to visit Menteng Park, a new park built to revitalize a football court. But, I found that this spot only be composed of a maze of glassed pyramids. It's not what I imagined about this place. After 30mins, we left this place... not much to explore.

We then continued our journey meeting another friend to have a lunch. He's James who always goofing around..

Next day in the morning, we headed north toward the Jakarta Kota. After walked around in this area, we entered the Museum Fatahillah as Joselito never been here.

This man did some exercise and sat on the one of the canon collections in this square park.

This man slept right in the front of museum's main gate. The funny thing was that few minutes prior to opening time, he had awaken and gone...

The securities ensured that there's no cars parked in the area..

A place to be a shelter in the lee of a tree.. the sun was very bright that time..

Ironically, the beggar still bore in the harsh sunlight..


I need to checked my Yashica GSN up. As some photos looked overexposed, I see a possibility that my camera has a light leak.